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Impero Couture, Impero Diamonds, Luigi Auletta , Impero Bride , Impero Man , Rosi Girl and Impero Junior, are brands of Luigi Auletta Alta Moda.

Since its inception in 2000, with an operational center in the industrial district of Aversa, in the province of Caserta, the company has quickly become the point of reference in the national market for ceremonial fashion. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and engaging energy of the founder Luigi Auletta, the idea of creating ceremonial dresses translates into a new way of seeing the ceremony as an event in which to choose an important outfit which is talked about. Today the strengths of Impero are: the Italian style present in each collection, high quality standards and the offer of luxury products at an affordable cost.

The Impero woman is the emblem of timeless elegance, which goes beyond the diktats of the season of the fashion system, to embody the thousand souls of femininity. Impero’s promise is to give the thrill of feeling like a red carpet diva: the exclusivity and refinement of the design, give life to clothes that smell of a sensuality of clear Italian origin.

The soft lines caress the figure of those with a romantic style while the more structured ones emphasize the class of a strong personality. The multiple solutions of ceremonial and special occasion dresses all have one constant goal: to illuminate the woman who wears Impero creations with the light of her own power.

Since 2000, Impero has reached over 400 multi-brand stores throughout the country and has achieved positioning in Canada, Spain, Germany, Greece, Malta, United Arab Emirates and Belarus, going so far as to dress international red carpet celebrities. Today the company focuses its energies on the franchising project and the internationalization project, aware of the charm of the Impero flagship store: a new concept of luxury store, a multisensory space in which to receive fashion style advice and be able to choose your wedding dress or evening dress, in the magical atmosphere that only Impero can create.