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impero eternity mask 65

The temple of eternity signed the fate of Rome


The temples show the visible and invisible Goddess


Black like the Goddess Iside and her precious veil

impero eternity kd016 1

Eternally a Goddess just like the flow of time

impero eternity ar4029 1

As angels of the past, living in the present

The emperors of the empire, still talk about it today


Ab imo pectore, from the bottom of my heart

Eternal Rome

Rome dedicates beauty to the emperors

The symbol of the sun and the moon for the Eternity Goddess.

impero eternity cl 449 1

Columns and power, wins the goddess of colors

impero eternity gnb70 1
impero eternity gnb70 2

Love is passion with this red empire

Lovely colors carry the hands of Rome

Times and beauty made of pearls and transparencies

impero eternity kd021 1

Those who love the empire live forever

Fashion is a passion that lives in the world of the gods

dea abbondanza


"I am everything who was, what is, what will be, and no mortal has yet dared to raise my veil."

All the ancient goddesses had this motto that it had a reason for being. Goddess was Nature, the challenge was: "Look at me and find out what's behind what you see: beyond the lands, seas, forests and deserts". Nature had a visible and an invisible part.
This concept of eternity will be the basis of all the Great Mothers and the representation of Eternity will be perpetuated until the end of the empire.

It is the destiny of Rome to be eternal, because the Gods have sanctioned it and because Rome itself has become a deity duly and regularly object of state worship. In fact, the Eternity Goddess appears on a coin together with the Goddess of Roma.

The symbols of the scepter and the globe designate her as Primigenia Goddess. She, who rules the world.
She is the Goddess of the eternal return of nature. The fact that she is veiled indicates how difficult it is to understand the functioning of the universe, which is the Goddess.

moneta aeternitas